Mother shares harrowing video of baby daughter to 'teach anti-vaxxers a lesson'

The child struggling to breath Source: Facebook

One mother has attempted to shock anti-vaxxers into back-flipping on their stance by posting footage of her daughter struggling to breath after she contracted whooping cough.

Sydney woman Sandra Tee posted a video to Facebook of her newborn child turning purple as she struggled to breath, in an attempt to "educate more people on the importance of vaccinations" and calling on parents not to "ignore the warning signs".

The video, which has been viewed on more than 245,000 occasions and shared more than 4900 times, shows the five-week-old girl gasping for air as an oxygen mask is placed over her mouth.

In the post, Ms Tee said: "This video may distress some people but I'm sharing to show just how scary and dangerous whooping cough is to babies who are too young to be vaccinated." 


Ms Tee also highlighted the importance of herd immunity, whereby communities are indirectly protected from falling ill when a large percentage of the population has developed an immunity to certain diseases.

"This is my 5 week old baby during an episode where she chokes and stops breathing. Babies rely on herd immunity to keep them safe and unfortunately we cannot achieve that without high vaccination rates," she added.

Many voiced their support for Ms Tee's decision to post the video, one saying: "This is heartbreaking Sandra. How people choose to not immunise is absolutely beyond me. It's a totally selfish decision."

Another comment said: "Bless her and you for trying show how selfish some people are for putting her at risk. Glad she is on the mend."

Watch the video below:


Source SBS News

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