MP slammed for 'disgraceful' Logan comments

As racial tension simmers in the Queensland city of Logan, opposition spokesperson for Indigenous health Andrew Laming has come under fire for comments some claim are fueling further community division.

"Mobs tearing up Logan. Did any of them do a day's work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?" the Member for Bowman tweeted on Monday night.

Facing a backlash from Twitter users and the federal government, the apparently unrepentant MP repeated the comment again on the social media site three hours later.

Federal Minister for Trade Craig Emerson took to his own Twitter page to call the comments "disgraceful" and "callous".

"Disgraceful comments by @andrewlamingmp on Logan City, slurring a proud community. We don't need Laming or anyone else pontificating."

He later added: "Isn't he [Laming] Abbott's ParlSec for Indigenous Health? No empathy."

Talks between Aboriginal and Pacific Islander community leaders are expected to continue today in Logan, south of Brisbane, in a bid to settle tensions that erupted between the Aboriginal and Pacific Islander communities at the weekend.

Mr Laming later added a clarification to his earlier comments.

"To clarify: Working together to resolve these riots the priority. Training and a chance for jobs are key," he wrote.

Source: SBS

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