MUA says nuclear waste boycott possible

The Maritime Union of Australia says it would boycott a Federal Government plan to send nuclear waste offshore if the safety of workers can not be guaranteed.

The Government has ruled out a national radioactive waste dump anywhere on the mainland and says it will only consider offshore islands for storing waste.

The National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Paddy Crumlin, says waterfront workers and other stakeholders have not been consulted on the plan.

And he says his union's members would refuse to handle waste shipments unless their concerns were addressed.

"Firstly, we've got concerns about the health and safety of our members in moving the waste across the wharves and how it's going to be trans-shipped, in what types of ships, what are the safety, the risk management processes being put in place? The second issue, where is it going to? And what's the long-term management of this plan? What's the local Indigenous community say about it? Is it just going to be taken out to an island and buried?" he says.
Source SBS

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