Mugabe's 37-year rule: a timeline of chaos


Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has resigned as president a week after being placed under house arrest.

Zimbabwe's longtime President Robert Mugabe, the world's oldest head of state at 93, has announced his resignation a week after being placed under house arrest.

Here's a timeline of events:

1963: Mugabe and others form the Zanu party, set up to oppose white minority rule in the British colony of Rhodesia

1980: Independence from Britain. Mugabe becomes prime minister of newly named Zimbabwe

1982: Mugabe sacks fellow independence fighter Joshua Nkomo, who is head of the Zapu party and launches violent campaign against suspected dissidents in Matabeleland, Nkomo's homeland. The government is accused of killing thousands of civilians

1987: Mugabe changes constitution and becomes president

1994: Mugabe receives honorary British knighthood

1996: Mugabe marries his former secretary Grace Mufuru

2000: Land seizures of white-owned farms begin, Western donors cut off aid

2005: United States calls Zimbabwe an "outpost of tyranny"

2008: Mugabe and opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai agree to share power after contested election, Britain's Queen Elizabeth annuls Mugabe's honorary knighthood

2011: Prime Minister Tsvangirai declares power-sharing a failure amid violence

2013: Mugabe wins seventh term, opposition alleges election fraud

2016: #ThisFlag protest movement emerges, independence war veterans turn on Mugabe, calling him "dictatorial"

2017: Mugabe begins campaigning for 2018 elections

Nov 6: Mugabe fires deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, appearing to position first lady Grace Mugabe for vice president post

Nov 15: Army announces it has Mugabe and his wife in custody as military appears to take control

Nov 18: Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans march against Mugabe

Nov 19: Ruling party Central Committee tells Mugabe to resign as president by noon Monday or face impeachment. He addresses the nation but does not step aside

November 21: Mugabe's resignation is announced in parliament after lawmakers begin impeachment proceedings.

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