Multimedia: Remembering Sikhs in Gallipoli


In the Gallipoli campaign, the 14th Sikh regiment was virtually wiped out in one day of fighting. It's estimated 379 men died and only four survived. One of those four was the father of Sydney man, Balbir Singh Banwait.

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Sikhs have a proud military history with thousands of Sikh soliders serving in the British Army throughout the 19th century.

Indian soliders were part of the largest volunteer force deployed in the first World War. While Sikhs only made up two per cent of India’s population, it's believed they represented 22 per cent of the British Indian Army.

On Saturday Balbir Singh Banwait will honour his fathers achievements at Gallipoli in an Anzac Day march.

"For me [it is] a very special day. This year is very, very important." He said Sikhs have not always been allowed to take part in Anzac Day marches.

"People don't know the Sikhs had done very great things."

But Balbir Singh said this year he is honoured to be able march in Sydney with around 100 other proud Sikhs.

"We are happy, very happy. The Australian people [are] watching. The people are proud of us, that we fought in Gallipoli."




Source SBS

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