Multiple warnings issued as fires threaten lives in central Tasmania

Lives in central Tasmania are at risk as firefighters battle more than 50 blazes across the island. Source: AAP

Fire crews in Tasmania have a fight on their hands, with emergency warnings in place in the central plateau and 50 blazes ahead of dangerous conditions.

Emergency warnings have been issued for six areas in central Tasmania, with lives and properties at risk, as weather conditions continue to worsen.

The Tasmania Fire Service early on Wednesday morning warned residents of Miena, Barren Tier, Tods Corner, Penstock Lagoon, Liawenee and Shannon that they may be in danger and need to take action immediately.

A property has already been lost near Miena, the TFS confirmed on Tuesday night.

Almost 50 fires are burning across the state and though conditions had eased, more winds and high temperatures were expected by the end of the week.

Residents in the line of fire are being told to be on alert for embers, smoke and ash and dozens of people have already moved to evacuation centres.

A major fire is still burning near Gell River, northwest of Hobart, scorching more than 20,000 hectares of wilderness since it started on December 28 with another blaze near Lake Fergus in the state's centre.

A file image of Tasmanian firefighters
More interstate help has arrived as Tasmania's firefighters face horrendous weather and bushfires.

TFS deputy chief officer Bruce Byatt said fire crews would focus on a combination of containment and being ready to hit new fires fast.

"It's really about us setting triggers and when the triggers are reached, shifting our response from an offensive to a more defensive or ready to roll method of attack," he said.

Specialist fire personnel from interstate and New Zealand are helping tackle the scores of blazes

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