Mumbai considers 'no selfie zones' to prevent further drownings

Source: Twitter

Mumbai police have listed 16 popular tourist locations in the city as "no selfie zones" as a new safety measure against local drownings.

Mumbai police have identified 16 possible "no selfie zones" around their waterfront districts, in response to a recent drowning that took place.

Ramesh Walanju, 37, drowned trying to save a girl who fell into the sea while taking a photo of herself.

The girl, 18, and her two friends fell off the Bandra Bandstand while taking selfies.

From the Bandra Bandstand is a steep rocky drop into the Arabian Sea.

Walanji was a passer-by who saw the girl and her friends fall in.

He jumped in to save them, but was taken by the currents, and his body was found in a nearby creek on Monday.

The 18-year-old girl is also still missing.

"After the unfortunate incident, we have decided to identify 16 spots where taking selfies can be dangerous, but we may add more," Deputy Commissioner Dhananjay Kulkarni said to AFP.

The 16 potential "no selfie zones" include several major beachside tourist sites across Marine Drive promenade, Girgaum Chowpatty beach, and Bandra Bandstand where the girl and her friends fell.

The deputy commissioner has also written to the municipal corporation asking for warning signs and lifeguards to be placed in the zones marked unsafe.

Selfies continue to be a big part of Bollywood and pop culture, Mumbai being the centre of the Bollywood film industry.

Iconic Bollywood actor and founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, features in a hit song called "Selfie Le Le Re" in 2015.

The song was featured in Bollywood's highest grossing film of 2015, "Bajrangi Bhaijaan".

The official music video has over 10 million on YouTube.

The responses on social media to these "no selfie zones" have been varied, with most finding it ridiculous.


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