South America

Museum makes room for dinosaur skeleton

A museum in Argentina is set to expand after a dinosaur skeleton was unearthed by a local farmer. (AAP)

A museum in Argentina with humble beginnings is set to expand and increase its scientists after a dinosaur skeleton was unearthed by a local farmer.

A paleontology museum in Argentina is planning a major expansion after the 2011 discovery of the skeleton of a titanosaur - the biggest animal to ever walk the Earth - boosted its international recognition.

The Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum, in Trelew in Argentina, was founded in 1990 with just three employees and a handful of pieces in its collection.

But the museum's standing was dramatically enhanced when a local farmer came across a large bone that turned out to be a titanosaur's pelvis, the first of a series of discoveries that would eventually unearth the animal's complete skeleton.

The museum now plans to increase its staff to 65 scientists and build a giant hall to house the skeleton when it returns from being exhibited around the world.

Paleontologists say the dinosaur, a giant herbivore, would have measured 40 metres in length and weighed 70 tons, or as much as 10 African elephants.

It lived in present-day South America between 95 million and 101.6 million years ago.

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