Muslim Australians read out Islamophobic comments on video

One of many Australian Muslim people mocking the misinformed statements of Islamophobic people. Source: YouTube

Watch: Prominent Muslim Australians take to YouTube to mock Islamophobic and misinformed comments on social media and elsewhere.

A handful of prominent Australian Muslim people have appeared in a YouTube video that openly mocks Islamophobic posts on Twitter and other statements about their religion.

However some of those in the video read comments that were not on social media at all, like this submission to Cory Bernardi’s pet project, the Halal certification Senate inquiry (Third party certification of food).

“I had been purchasing Vegemite all my life, as did my parents and this Halal Certification has stopped that now,” one reader read during the video, which was originally a comment sent to the Halal Senate inquiry.

Buzzfeed reported on the video but did not verify that the comments were all made on Twitter and that they had actually been sent to the people reading them. The Daily Mail also picked up the story and reported the tweets as having all been sent to the readers.

Some tweets were directed at the readers specifically.

Other tweets were posted in response to posts about news articles and other tweets.

Watch the video here:

Source SBS News

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