Naomi Campbell condemns racism in fashion industry

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has written letters to some of the biggest fashion houses in Europe and America, condemning them for consistently using one or no models of colour, amounting to what she claims is racism.

It's the most glamorous industry that exists, powerfully dictating who and what is beautiful across the world.

But what the fashion and modelling industry lacks is racial diversity, according to supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The famous Briton has written letters to some of the biggest fashion houses in Europe and America, including Calvin Klein, Armani and Prada.

"I'm not trying to accuse and point fingers and embarrass anyone. We're just basically trying to say, be aware," Ms Campbell says.

"The act of not choosing models of colour is racist. We're not calling them racist, we're saying the act is racist".

She claims the industry was more diverse three decades ago, saying  only 15 per cent of catwalk models at last week's New York Fashion Week were black or Asian.

This year, Nina Davuluri became the first Miss America of Indian descent.

The news ignited a flurry or racist comments on social media, including a tweet saying 'Miss America should have to be American'.

Although the aspiring med-student has brushed off the attacks, Aboriginal Model Management Director Kira Lee Dargin says racism is entrenched in the modelling industry.

She says there's a growing demand for Indigenous models in Australia, but the women she represents face prejudice on a daily basis.

She praised Naomi Campbell, saying industry leaders taking a stand will make a difference.

Source: SBS

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