Nauru detention guards 'suspended for photo with Pauline Hanson'

Eight Nauru detention staff suspended for taking a photo with controversial MP Pauline Hanson at the Brisbane Reclaim Australia rally. (Facebook/The Guardian)

Detention centre guards working on Nauru have reportedly been suspended for having their photo taken with Pauline Hanson at a Reclaim Australia rally.

The photo features eight staff members from Nauru detention centre's "emergency response team", and was uploaded by one of the men to Facebook. 

According to The Guardian, Simon Scott posted the picture on Facebook with the caption: "What more can I say."

A spokesman for the detention centre operator Transfield Services, which employed the men, told The Guardian, the incident was "very concerning and not at all what we expect of our staff".

Transfield said the men will be suspended while the company investigates the incident, which is in accordance with their new social media policy.

A few weeks ago Reclaim Australia protesters organised number of Australia-wide protests opposing "sharia law, halal tax and Islamisation".

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson made an appearance at a Reclaim rally in Brisbane on April 4, when the eight men had their photo taken with the politician.

"We have people here today who stand against racism. Thank you for your support," said Ms Hanson. 

"So do I."

Ms Hanson said she and her supporters had endured trial by media and those with hidden agendas.

"Let my fellow Australians judge me on what I say. Don't deny me the right to have our say," she said. "I am not a racist. Criticism is not racism."

Ms Hanson said she was merely a proud Australian fighting for the country's democracy, culture and way of life.


Source SBS

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