New X-ray technology cuts radiation

Samsung says it has developed new X-ray technology that can dramatically reduce radiation exposure.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, a research body under Samsung Electronics, says it has developed a new technology for X-ray machines that can cut radiation exposure by 90 per cent.

Researchers from Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University made the breakthrough by adopting perovskite, a chemical compound, which helps to cut production costs while also improving detectors' sensitivity.

Samsung said that as the new X-ray system comes with better sensitivity, it is capable of collecting data while exposing patients to less radiation.

The commercialisation of the technology will also pave the way for the creation of X-ray devices that can scan full bodies.

"If we overcome the remaining technological hurdles," Samsung said, "it could lead to advances in X-ray medical imaging technology that cuts radiation exposure to one tenth that of existing machines."