Newman focused on Labor, bikie links claim

qld election
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk during the first leaders' debate of the Queensland State Election. Friday, Jan. 23, 2015.

Queensland's premier has focused his election campaign on Labor's alleged financial links with bikie gangs.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman insists people are worried about Labor's alleged bikie links, but the opposition has dismissed his claims as smear.

Mr Newman alleges bikies give wads of cash to certain unions which in turn fund the opposition, so Labor is technically being backed by bikies.

He claims it's a big election issue for Queenslanders, who have been asking him about it on the campaign.

"I get that all the time as I go around this state," Mr Newman said on Sunday.

"The question Queenslanders are asking, we know they're asking this, is why would the Labor party get this support from criminal gangs and why are the Labor party so determined to repeal these (anti-bikie) laws."

The Liberal National Party (LNP) has also released an ad showing Electrical Trades Union (ETU) boss Peter Simpson campaigning against bikie anti-association laws at a rally.

He said bikies gave union picketers "wads of cash" during waterfront disputes in the 1990s, so unions would stand by bikies and other groups against the controversial laws.

"Some people are a bit nervous about being associated with bikies, I'm proud to say the Electrical Trades Union aren't," Mr Simpson tells the crowd.

But in part of the speech that wasn't included in the LNP ad the ETU boss said he primarily opposed the new laws because he was concerned they could be used against unions.

Labor and unions have also dismissed Mr Newman's current funding claims as "gutter politics" designed to keep his unpopular "asset sales" plan out of the media.

Both categorically deny receiving any financial support from bikies or any other criminal gangs and said their accounts and donations are independently audited and disclosed on a regular basis.

"If there is any evidence, any evidence, refer it to the police or refer it to the authorities," Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

Strangely enough, the only clear evidence of bikies financially supporting a political party in Queensland is the LNP, albeit extremely briefly.

After hearing Mr Newman's claims about Labor, two alleged bikies donated cash to the LNP online on Sunday.

The men then posted screen-shots of an LNP webpage thanking them for their donations on Facebook and called on other bikies to do so as well.

The LNP immediately issued a statement saying the party had refunded both of the stunt donations.

Queenslanders go to the polls on January 31.