Nicaragua seeks US airlift for migrants

The Nicaraguan government wants the United States to fly out thousands of migrants stranded in the country.

The Nicaraguan government has proposed that the United States fly out thousands of Cuban migrants who have been stranded for several weeks on the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border.

Nicaragua's deputy foreign affairs minister, Dennis Moncada, told a summit of Central American leaders on Friday that the US had the "capacity as well as the technical and financial resources" to transport the Cubans directly to US territory.

Nicaragua has refused to let the growing number of Cubans, who are trying to reach the US and have become stuck in Costa Rica, pass through its territory.

Around 5000 Cubans are estimated to be in limbo on the border.

The Costa Rican government has tried to convince Belize and Guatemala to allow the Cubans passage to reach Mexico.

Source AAP

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