No bullying to see here: Liberal MP

The prime minister is seeking to set a tone and culture in the Liberal Party which holds no truck with bullies.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants Liberal colleagues to follow his "tone and culture" as concerns are raised over the treatment of women in the party.

Some Liberal MPs and former members are calling for an internal panel to be set up to deal with bullying and harassment complaints.

The pressure of the past week - in which minister Peter Dutton twice challenged for the leadership which was eventually won by Mr Morrison - led Victorian Liberal MP Julia Banks to announce she was quitting politics because of "vindictive, mean-spirited" behaviour.

Mr Morrison admits it was a very bruising week, but no one should have any truck with bullies.

"I'm setting a tone and culture I expect all of my colleagues to follow and I know they will," he said.

Former minister Craig Laundy said an internal panel was needed to deal with bullying complaints, as parties should not consider themselves above Australia's workplace laws.

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne believes complaints of bullying should be dealt with by the normal process, through chief whip Nola Marino.

Source AAP

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