'No' campaign targets 'The Gender Fairy' in new ad


Campaigners against same-sex marriage have launched a new advertisement that takes aim at a children's book about transgender identity 'The Gender Fairy'.

The video features two women from the Coalition for Marriage's first advertisement that aired last month.

"School programs have no place teaching my son radical gender ideas that he might not be who he was born as," said the first speaker.

The words "Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl," then appear on screen referring to Jo Hirst's 2015 book 'The Gender Fairy' about what it might feel like to be a transgender child.

"How am I supposed to protect my kids in the future from this stuff?" asks Cella White.

"You can say no," she concludes as a logo for the coalition flashes on screen.

The Melbourne mother-of-four, said in the advertisement last month “the school told my son he could wear a dress next year if he felt like it”, but this claim was disputed by her son's school principal John Albiston.

There were other fall outs from the first advertisement for the 'No' campaign.

Dr Pansy Lai was bullied in an online campaign that sought to deregister her, but continues to stand by her position.

“We don’t discriminate against anyone, we believe that everybody has the freedom to choose their own lifestyle. But changing the Marriage Act is going to affect everybody," she previously told SBS World News.

Dr Lai also said she receives support from the Australian Chinese for Families Association, a group she co-founded.

“We have at least thousands of people who participate in this group and a lot more just talking to my immediate circles as well as on social media.

“You just really feel it from the Australian-Chinese community that, ‘No we don’t think that’s the best thing for our community’.

Dr Lai also says she has been contacted by members of the Indian and Lebanese communities about their concerns about changing marriage laws, as well as concerned parents.

The first advertisement was criticised by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as "offensive" and "hurtful" to members of the LGBTIQ communities, while 'yes' spokesman Tiernan Brady from the Equality Campaign said it was "disgraceful in its dishonesty".

The latest advertisement appears on the Coalition for Marriage's website with a request stating "your donation today will keep this on air twice as long".

Source: SBS World News

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