Brooklyn residents in New York have witnessed a strange sight in the area's meatpacking district: a truck carrying wailing stuffed animals.
12 Oct 2013 - 5:16 PM  UPDATED 14 Oct 2013 - 8:24 AM

A slaughterhouse truck loaded with squealing puppets has been seen moving through Brooklyn's meatpacking district.

It's thought to be the latest work of British graffiti artist Banksy who is embarking on a month-long open-air exhibition on the streets of New York.

Labelled 'sirens of the lambs', the artwork is his 11th piece in the month-long series.

Not all of the works in the series have been well-received.

A stencil of a heart-shaped balloon on a wall in Brooklyn aims to show the struggle to mend a broken heart. But now the piece has been covered with graffiti, with the tagger signing off as "Omar NYC".

Banksy’s Oscar-nominated 2010 film 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' introduced many people to the work of the street artist. He made the art house film for under $200,000 and it earned more than $5 million globally.

According to Banksy's website, the truck will be moving throughout the meatpacking district and NYC over the next two weeks.

Banksy has posted a YouTube video with reactions to the truck.