North Korea, US mulling third summit

It's been confirmed by South Korea that a third North Korean-US summit is being planned. (AAP)

The South Korean government has confirmed the the US and North Korea are talking about a possible third summit.

The United States and North Korea are talking "behind the scenes" about a possible third summit, South Korean President Moon Jae In told Yonhap news agency and foreign media on Wednesday.

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a summit in Singapore last June and then met again in Vietnam's capital Hanoi in February. They failed to reach a deal on North Korea's nuclear disarmament and the reduction of sanctions.

Moon said dialogue was also taking place through "diverse channels" between North and South Korea.

"I believe in Chairman Kim's determination for denuclearisation," Moon said.

Trump plans to meet Moon in South Korea on Sunday to discuss further action in the nuclear dispute with North Korea.

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