Northern Territory agreement to aid stolen generation


The Northern Territory’s three Stolen Generation organisations have signed off on a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement.

It's hoped the memorandum will create a united voice for thousands of Aboriginal Territorians who have been affected by past government child removal policies.

The Stolen Generation Coalition of the Northern Territory will be formalised to work closely with government agencies to develop a compensation and reparation package they say is long overdue.

Zita Wallace is a member of the Stolen Generation Coalition of the Northern Territory. She says it’s time for the government to stop making excuses and to pay up.

“Now we’ve got Abbott who’s been pretty silent towards stolen generations people,” she says.

"So now we’ve got a wake-up call because with the signing of the MoU and creating this coalition between the major stolen generation groups in the Northern Territory, we’ve decided to go it alone and fight for our rights as a united front.”

It has also been seven years since Kevin Rudd’s famous apology speech; one Ms Wallace doesn’t want to be an empty apology.

“It just turned out to be empty words because six years on, there’s nothing. There’s no talk of compensation,” she says.

Ms Wallace says she hopes the strength of the MoU can help the stolen generation communities in the Northern Territory.  

“We’re going to be a united front against the government to fight for stolen generation rights and for compensation.”

Source NITV News

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