NSW MP faces perjury charges

A Shooters and Fishers MP in NSW is facing four perjury charges that he has described as political payback over the party's attempt to block legislation.

A Shooters and Fishers MP says four perjury charges against him are an attempt at payback by his political enemies.

The charges laid by the Department of Public Prosecutions against Robert Borsak reportedly stem from a civil matter settled in the Supreme Court in 2011 relating to Mr Borsak's business.

Mr Borsak, 62, believes the charges are motivated by his party's decision to block Liberal legislation in the upper house, News Corp reports.

He is defending the charges, which if proven could end his political career.

"This is payback for what I did to O'Farrell," Mr Borsak told The Daily Telegraph, referring to a public falling out between the Shooters and Fishers Party and the government of former premier Barry O'Farrell, making it difficult for it to pass legislation.

The charges were laid against Mr Borsak and his business partner David Christie on January 1, prompting him to question why it took the DPP four-and-a-half years.

In 2011 Mr Borsak and Mr Christie received more than $500,000 after suing Roy and Rodney Jackson over the purchase of a business from the Jacksons.

It was claimed Roy Jackson had misled Mr Borsak and Mr Christie about company debts.

Mr Borsak and Mr Christie are expected to face Downing Centre Local Court in February on charges of making false statements under oath.

Source: AAP

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