Obama and Biden memes light up the internet

Barack Obama and Joe Biden feature in a spate of viral memes Source: Instagram

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have become the stars of viral memes as the administration enters its final months.

Social media users are creating memes that depict US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden pulling pranks on president-elect Donald Trump and vice president-elect Mike Pence.

It comes after Democrat supporters took to the streets and social media to express their dismay that Republican Donald Trump was voted last week as the next president of the US.

While the electoral college votes in December, the popular vote that took place on November 8 indicates Donald Trump will gain more than the 270 electoral votes of 538 needed to become president.




The memes have also attracted attention for framing Mr Biden as besotted with the outgoing president as the US and other countries around the world begin reflecting on the legacy of his eight-year term.



Mr Obama and Mr Biden are known to have rapport outside of their professional roles. 

In June, Mr Obama made a friendship bracelet for the pair in a Buzzfeed video that aimed to encourage US citizens to vote.

In August Mr Biden posted a tweet wishing Mr Obama a happy birthday along with a picture of his bracelet.


Source SBS News

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