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Palestinian woman killed in border clash

Mourners carry the body of activist Amal al-Taramsi, 43, after she was killed by Israeli troops. (AAP)

A Palestinian woman has been shot in the head and killed by Israeli soldiers in renewed clashes on the Gaza Strip border.

A Palestinian woman has been killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers along the Gaza Strip border.

Amal al-Taramsi, a 43-year-old activist who had regularly attended the protests, was around 200 metres from the fence when she was shot in the head on Friday, according to Palestinian human rights group Al-Mezan.

Of the 186 Palestinians killed since the protests were launched last spring, only three were women.

A 21-year-old medic and a 14-year-old girl were killed last year. An Israeli soldier was also killed last year.

Amal's mother, Halima, sobbed as she sat in the corner of her home waiting for her daughter's body, which was wrapped with a Palestinian flag.

The Israelis "should leave our lands and let us alone to live in freedom," she said, urging Palestinian factions to unite against Israel and US President Donald Trump.

Gaza's Hamas rulers have orchestrated the protests, in part to call for the lifting of a crippling decade-long Israeli and Egyptian blockade.

The demonstrations draw Palestinians of all ages, but most gather several hundred metres from the fence.

It's usually young men who approach the barrier, hurling rocks and firebombs at Israeli forces on the other side, who respond with tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and live fire.

Israeli forces have shot and wounded thousands of Palestinians since the protests began.

A number of fellow protesters attended Amal's funeral on Saturday in wheelchairs or walking with crutches.

The Health Ministry in Gaza said that 25 additional Palestinians suffered gunshot wounds during the clashes on Friday.

An Israeli soldier was hit by a stone and slightly injured, according to the Israeli army.

The Israeli army estimated that some 12,000 Palestinians had gathered at various points along the border fence that divides Israel and Gaza.

An army spokesman said that the protesters burned tyres, as well as threw stones, explosives and grenades in the Israeli soldiers' direction.

The demonstrators are calling for a right of return for Palestinian refugees who fled the area that is today Israel.

They also call for a lifting of the blockade on the coastal enclave.

In Gaza, around 2 million people live in difficult conditions: There is a lack of drinking water and electricity, among other things.

The ruling Hamas party in the strip is classified by the European Union, Israel and the United States as a terrorist organisation.

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