Parts of Vic's Gippsland urged to evacuate

Residents in the Delegate River area in Victoria's Snowy River National Park are urged to evacuate. (AAP)

Residents in the Delegate River area in Victoria's Snowy River National Park have been urged to evacuate.

An evacuation notice has been issued for a Gippsland community as several bushfires burn out of control in the area.

Emergency warnings have been issued for a number of Gippsland communities with the region experiences severe fire danger.

Communities near Orbost were urged to evacuate earlier on Sunday, while an evacuation notice was issued for the Delegate River area on Sunday evening.

The notice says an out-of-control fire in the Snowy River National Park is threatening the area.

A southwesterly wind change moving through East Gippsland was due to reach the area at 6pm (AEDT).

Emergencies warnings have been issued for Bonang, Cabanandra, Deddick Valley, Dellicknora and Tubbut which are likely to be affected by the fire.

New fires began on Sunday, in addition to fires that have been burning since they were started by lightning strikes last month.

"I think in the main they were lightning strikes from a couple of weeks ago, but certainly some of the emergency warnings are attached to newer fires," a State Control Centre spokeswoman told AAP.

Near Bairnsdale there are emergency warnings for a fast-moving, out-of-control bushfire that began at Fernbank.

The communities of Coongulmerang, Delvine, Fernbank, Glenaladale, Hunter Corner, Iguana Creek, The Fingerboards and Woodglen may be affected by the fire.

There is also an emergency warning for a fire at Club Terrace near Orbost where an out-of-control fire is burning.

Communities under threat include Bellbird Creek, Cabbage Tree Creek, Club Terrace, Combienbar and Murrungowar.

Source AAP

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