Pauline Hanson announces boycott of ABC after Four Corners, Insiders


Pauline Hanson has told the ABC not to bother calling her for interviews and comment.

In a recent video posted on Facebook, Pauline Hanson has announced she will boycott the ABC following a Four Corners report on One Nation and a revelation on Insiders that the controversial senator planned to visit Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I've been a little bit - you know - down lately, and that's why you haven’t seen much of me doing much of the media," she told followers. 

"To tell you the truth, I’ve had a gutful of the media."

Hanson slammed the ABC's new Political Correspondent, Andrew Probyn, for revealing the senator was planning to visit Australian troops Iraq and Afghanistan, forcing the trip's cancellation over security concerns. 

"You know what I was really looking forward to, is spending Anzac Day with them," she said.

"Good on you Andrew, great one mate."

Mr Probyn revealed the upcoming trip in an episode of Insiders on Sunday March 26.

"Given Pauline Hanson's comments about Islam and vaccination, I wonder how she's going to go when she visits Afghanistan on a defence trip in coming weeks or months," he said.

Senator Hanson also criticised an investigative Four Corners report which aired criticisms from former candidates, allegations of intimidating behaviour from One Nation adviser James Ashby, and questions over party finances.

"What a stitch up that was," Senator Hanson said, saying she would speak about the Four Corners report "in my own time".

"I've got no time for them, I won't be doing any interviews with the ABC – and they are actually really out to get my scalp, and so are other journalists," she said.

"So to the ABC: Don't bother ringing me up for any interviews, it's not happening."

It comes on the back of a troubling few weeks for the party, with the Labor Party referring One Nation to the Australian Electoral Commission over allegations it breached political donation laws in relation to a small aircraft used by Mr Ashby and Senator Hanson.

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