Pell denies allegations security team 'manhandled' SBS reporter

Cardinal George Pell. Source: AAP

Cardinal George Pell's office says his security staff were not involved in a scuffle with media in Rome.

Italian police and not Cardinal George Pell's security staff were involved in a scuffle with media outside a Rome hotel, the cardinal's office says..

SBS Europe Correspondent Brett Mason said Cardinal Pell's security team had been heavy handed, "manhandling" him and a cameraman as they attempted to film the arrival.

Cardinal Pell is sorry to hear of the incident with an SBS reporter and cameraman but it did not involve his security staff as has been reported, his office said in a statement.

"The Italian police are in charge of security outside and inside the hotel where the hearing is taking place and have been liaising with commission staff," the statement said.

Cardinal Pell asked a member of his team to speak to the reporter to check on his wellbeing, it said.

The Italian police and commission staff are investigating the incident, Cardinal Pell's office said.

SBS Europe correspondent Brett Mason speaks about the incident from Rome:





Source AAP, SBS

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