Penny Wong tears up during emotional speech on marriage equality


Labor Senator Penny Wong has given an emotional speech on marriage equality at the party's national conference.

Labor Senator Penny Wong has received a standing ovation before addressing delegates at Labor's national conference to speak about marriage equality.

Ms Wong fought back tears as she looked out to the crowd and thanked them for the gesture.

"That was a very kind thing to do," she said.

Ms Wong went on to deliver an impassioned speech on the issue, telling the crowd about her proudest moment in the party.

"Many of us were here in 2011 when this party voted to put a commitment in our platform for marriage equality," she said.

"I don't think I've had a prouder day as a member of the Labor Party and I will be prouder still when we deliver marriage equality in law." 

Ms Wong said Labor was a party of progress that was "willing to progress the issue of equality."

"Today, I commend a resolution that ends the conscience vote in the Labor Party on a matter that should never have been a conscience vote," she said. "And of course, there are many of us – and I am one – who would have liked it sooner."

Labor's divided factions reached a compromise on marriage equality at the weekend as leader Bill Shorten pledged to act within 100 days, should the ALP win the 2016 federal election.

Under Labor's compromise resolution, its federal MPs will be bound to vote for same-sex marriage, but not until after the next two elections.

Mr Shorten's 100-day pledge means that if the ALP wins the 2016 federal election, its MPs will still have a conscience vote rather than a binding one.

Ms Wong ended her speech promising to never give up in the pursuit for equality. 

“Marriage equality is a campaign of hope. It is a campaign of justice. It is a campaign of equality but most of all delegates – and this is why we will win - it is a campaign for those we love.”

The YouTube clip of Ms Wong’s speech has been viewed more than 2000 times.

Watch the full speech here:

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