Petition calls for abolition of Indigenous Advisory Council


Indigenous playwright and poet Ken Canning who has started an online petition calling for the abolition of the Indigenous Advisory Council to be replaced by an elected body.

Mr Canning's petition is gathering support already attracting more than 400 signatures in its first 48 hours. Mr Canning has been encouraged by the support particuarly from elders in the community who he says are sick and tired of being represented by selected government bodies.

"I did this because I was disgusted in a selected committee in the first place. I've always been very opposed to selected committees," he told NITV News.

"I think it's nothing more than tokenism and it's a leap backwards to colonialism."

Mr Canning says he and many other Indigenous Australias have been upset by the Advisory council's silence on issues such as the cuts to the legal aid system and the review into Indigenous expenditure.

While Chairman of the Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine says the cuts to legal service funding would have been even greater without his lobbying but that doesn't satisfy Ken Canning.

He is taking his petition to the Yabun Festival in Sydney on Invasion Day to gain more support and then present it to the federal government.

Source NITV News

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