Play School lights up internet with accidental bong


Footage of Play School hosts appearing to make a homemade bong during an episode has delighted social media users.

An old Play School craft episode, in which the hosts appear to be making a homemade bong, is giving Australian adults a bit of a giggle.

The craft segment from 2013 which went viral this week, shows host Alex Papps making a small hole in a plastic bottle, inserting a straw and sealing around the straw with blu-tack.

Co-host Rachael Coopes then fills the bottle with water in a process that may seem familiar to many a cannabis enthusiast.

Social media has leapt on the footage:

Reddit users also delighted in the footage. One user declared "Ok. Time for an ABC inquiry. They're making bongs on Play School", while another user posted "There's a cone in there..."



Source: SBS News

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