Plea to parents after NSW vaccine study

An updated NSW study into vaccine-preventable deaths, serves as a reminder to parents and carers. (AAP)

NSW parents and carers are again being urged to get their children vaccinated after a study found there were 23 preventable deaths in the 10 years to 2014.

An updated study of vaccine-preventable child deaths in NSW is a reminder for parents to take advantage of shots for influenza and other diseases, the state's top doctor says.

There were 23 deaths in the decade to 2014 which researchers considered preventable or potentially preventable by vaccination.

Influenza accounted for nearly half the cases and there were five caused by meningococcal.

"We are using this as an urge to the community to take up influenza vaccination," Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant told AAP on Thursday.

"It's always important to remind us that children still die from diseases that vaccines could easily prevent and we have to do all we can to stop that happening."

The study also concluded 15 of the deaths might have been avoided under changes to immunisation recommendations that were introduced in August 2016, including maternal vaccination.

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