PM urges businesses to hire veterans


Malcolm Turnbull says former defence personnel have unique skills and extraordinary experience which would benefit businesses

For many Australian servicemen and women, the battle doesn't end when they come home.

Navy veteran Robbie Thompson, knows the struggles some face when they return from deployments.

“When you start life in the civilian world, especially as I suppose you could say a mature person, people at times and employers at times look down upon what life experience or what experience can you have from life in defence,” Mr Thompson said.

The government wants to help get diggers back to work when they end their military service.

They're backing a scheme designed by charity Soldier On to ensure veterans and their partners go straight to the interview stage when applying for jobs.

Fifteen of the country's largest employers have already signed on.

The program will form part of the Turnbull government's Veteran's Employment Initiative.

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People spend, on average, 7.5 years in military service – a significant time on someone’s resume, particularly when starting their working life.

The prime minister said some also face the challenge of explaining how their skills translate into civilian employment.

“Some ADF members cannot properly record their service on their resume, because of the highly classified nature of their roles," he said.

"Others face employers who are not familiar with the skillset, or how it might benefit their workplace. And its difficult to accurately describe the extraordinary leadership experience that is gained by serving in a Defence Force role.”

Under the plan, businesses will be encouraged to partner with ex-service organisations to develop strategies for boosting veteran employment.

The government will assist the transition from defence to the civilian workforce by ensuring personnel have all the documentation they need , including health, superannuation and training records.

Separating defence personnel will also have access to employment coaching services to help them seek and obtain employment.

As well, the Public Service Commission will develop a toolkit for those seeking employment in the public service.

Mr Turnbull said defence personnel used state-of-the-art equipment, right at the cutting edge of 21st century technology.

"They have acquired the type of skills employers value so much in this modern digital economy," he said.

Source AAP, SBS

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