Police officer charged over alleged assault of Indigenous teenager in Sydney

A police officer has been charged with assault after a video of him performing a leg sweep on an Indigenous teenager went viral. Source: Facebook

A male constable has been charged with two counts of assault after he was filmed performing a "leg sweep" on an Indigenous teenager in Sydney's inner city.

A NSW police officer has been charged after he allegedly assaulted an Indigenous teenager during an arrest in Sydney's inner city almost a year ago.

Video of the incident in a Surry Hills park was posted on social media last June, showing the officer performing a "leg sweep" by knocking the teenager's legs out from under him and holding him to the ground.

The 17-year-old was taken to hospital with minor injuries following his arrest and later released without charge.

On Tuesday, the male constable was issued with a court attendance notice for the charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault. 

His employment status is under review, according to a NSW Police statement. 

Following the incident, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said there were other ways the officer could have dealt with the matter. 

"The fact that this officer doesn't have a chequered history and he has been in [the police force] for three and a half years, if the complaint is sustained against him, you would have to say he has had a bad day," Mr Fuller said.

The teenager allegedly told a male police officer "I'll crack you in the f***ing jaw, bro" before he was swept to the ground.

The officer is due to appear before Downing Centre Local Court on 24 June.

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