President rages at FBI, media during 'Bikers for Trump' rally

US President Donald Trump met with almost 200 "Bikers for Trump" - many military veterans and police officers - at his Bedminster golf club.

Amid roaring Harley-Davidsons and leather-clad men sporting American flags and eagle tattoos, US President Donald Trump lashed out at the media and his own Justice Department before welcoming “Bikers for Trump” into the manicured grounds of his New Jersey golf club.

The president met with about 200 members of the New Jersey chapter of “Bikers for Trump” – a motorcycle enthusiast group that, according to the White House, “supports the administration’s agenda”.

US President Donald Trump takes a selfie with a supporter during a Bikers for Trump.
Source: AFP

Mr Trump shakes hands and greets Bikers for Trump during the event.
Source: AFP

Mr Trump posed for photos, signed autographs and urged the riders to rev the engines of their bikes.

"Let's hear those engines now," he called out, according to CTV News.

The White House announced the group included military veterans and member of law enforcement agencies, and the Bikers for Trump were prominent fixtures at many of Mr Trump’s campaign rallies – often facing off against anti-Trump protesters.

The Bikers for Trump were major fixtures during the presidential election. Then Republican candidate is pictured with the group during a 2016 rally.
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After posing for selfies and standing with bikers to take the Pledge of Allegiance, Mr Trump addressed the group.

The US president used the photo op to rage against the media and dubbed White House adviser and reality star Omarosa Manigault Newman a “lowlife”.

"Lowlife. She's a lowlife," Mr Trump said.

Mr Trump listens as supporters cheer following the pledge of allegiance during a Bikers for Trump event at the Trump National Golf Club .
Source: AFP

Earlier, riders had reportedly booed the group of reporters covering the event, before chanting “four more years” as Mr Trump arrived.

Earlier in the day, Mr Trump unleashed on US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and perceived enemies inside the FBI, including former FBI director James Comey.

The president branded them all “clowns and losers” who had hurt “so many great men and women of the FBI”.

Mr Trump called Mr Sessions "scared stiff and Missing in Action."

He also slammed Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who served as the initial Department of Justice contact for Chris Steele, the former British intelligence officer commissioned by an American political research firm to explore Trump's alleged ties with the Russian government.

Earlier Mr Trump took to Twitter to condemn all violence ahead of the rallies in Charlottesville, before attacking the “fake news media”.

Published 12 August 2018 at 12:39pm
By Tyron Butson