Protesting 'banana man' forces council to abandon meeting

Things got abit slippery when the man wouldn't leave the chambers. Source: Facebook

It might sound bananas, but a Victorian council was forced to abandon a meeting after a protester wearing a banana suit interrupted the meeting.

A council meeting in Victoria's north came to an abrupt end after a man dressed in a banana suit began protesting.

Mitchell Shire Council, just north of Melbourne, was holding a public meeting when a man dressed in a yellow banana costume walked in and began handing out bananas to councillors.

His protests were targeted at Mayor Sue Marstaeller's decision to use her council-supplied vehicle to drive to the iconic Big Banana in NSW's Coffs Harbour over the Christmas period.

This move sparked debate within the community, with many local residents believing it was a misuse of taxpayer's dollars.

The mayor was forced to abandon the meeting after the man ignored calls to leave the public gallery.

A person sitting in the gallery told the Herald Sun it was the strangest thing he had ever seen at a council meeting.

"It was quite comical when a person in a banana suit started handing out bananas but the mayor failed to see the funny side," he said.

Mayor Sue Marstaeller said the man's actions were "pretty disrespectful".

"I asked this person to stop but they continued to hand out bananas to people so I was left with no choice but to adjourn the meeting," Cr Marstaeller said.

The council's 'Expense and Support Policy' states the mayor is allowed to use the company vehicle for 'Council use and reasonable private use during his or her term of office.'

The meeting will resume next Monday.

Source: SBS News