Python eats pet cat in Brisbane backyard

A Brisbane snake catcher has captured video of a carpet python swallowing a pet cat whole in a suburban Brisbane backyard.

A carpet python has swallowed a pet cat whole in a suburban Brisbane backyard.

The grisly footage, captured by snake catcher Janne Torkkola at Sunnybank Hills on Tuesday morning, shows the reptile dislocating its jaw to eat the feline.

When Mr Torkkola arrived the grey and white cat was already dead so he kicked back, set up a camera, and let the reptile finish its meal.

"We popped around the corner, got coffees and sat with the owners of the home as they got ready for work," he told AAP.

"There wasn't much we could do at that point.

"If we'd tried to move the snake, it would have probably regurgitated it's meal which would have been very traumatising for the animal."

The ill-fated cat was believed to be a neighbour's pet.

Mr Torkkola said the incident highlighted the need to keep pets indoors at night.

"Of course it is upsetting to watch a pet being eaten but we have to remember snakes are native animals, natural predators and protected wildlife," he added.

Source AAP

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