Queensland allows all schoolgirls to wear shorts

The Queensland government is overhauling the uniform policy for state schools to allow all girls the choice of shorts or pants.

Girls will be given the option to wear shorts in Queensland schools.

Girls will be given the option to wear shorts in Queensland schools. Source: AAP

All Queensland schoolgirls will have the choice to wear shorts or pants at state schools from next year following an overhaul of uniform policy.

State Education Minister Grace Grace will on Sunday detail changes to the Student Dress Code after announcing in March uniforms would be brought into the modern age.

"In today's day and age, there should be no reason why shorts and pants aren't made part of the school formal uniform," Ms Grace said at the time.

"Everyone should be entitled to be able to choose shorts and pants."

At about 40 per cent of Queensland's state schools, the only uniform options available to girls are skirts and dresses, the Sunday Mail reports.

There has been a push across Australia for girls to be given the option of wearing shorts of trousers in schools.

Schools in Western Australia and Victoria must offer shorts or pants as an option for girls, and while it remains up to New South Wales schools to set their uniform policy, options need to meet legislative requirements covering work health and safety, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.

Meanwhile, research has shown that girls do less physical activity at recess and lunchtime if they are forced to wear dresses and skirts.

According to the 2012 University of Wollongong study, girls deliberately sat out lunchtime games like basketball because they were worried about their skirts flying up.

Published 15 July 2018 at 11:48am, updated 15 July 2018 at 12:09pm