Queensland man wearing 'I'm with stupid' T-shirt arrested on campaign trail

Iain Fogerty. (Photo credit: Judi Jabour/Twitter)

A man wearing an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt was charged with public nuisance during the Queensland state election campaigning on Thursday.

A man wearing an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt has been charged with public nuisance during campaigning for the Queensland state election.

Brisbane man Iain Fogerty, was arrested for the alleged heckling of Liberal National Party volunteers in Fortitude Valley, the ABC reports.

Judi Jabour witnessed the incident and tweeted that she saw at least 10 police, one paddy wagon and two vehicles turn up at Brunswick Street to arrest Fogerty.

Labor Senator for Queensland, Claire Moore, told the ABC Fogerty's actions were no harm to anyone and that the police response was "absolutely an overreaction".  

"I saw some light-hearted laughing and pushing but it never crossed my mind that this was a serious incident," Ms Moore said.

Fogerty was seen standing next to people campaigning for Robert Cavallucci, the state member for Brisbane central and Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, waving to passer-bys.

Luke Barnes, a campaigner for Mr Cavallucci and president of Young LNP Queensland told the Brisbane Times Fogerty "got quite aggressive" with their volunteers.

"One of their supporters came over to our side and got quite aggressive and intimidating with our members."

The 44-year-old Fogerty is responsible for running a parody Twitter account @Can_do_Campbell, lampooning the Queensland premier Campbell Newman.

Earlier this morning, Fogerty had tweeted to his followers: "Btw if you do see the LNP kiddies in their blue tshirts around town pls let me know location. #smurfwatch #qldvotes".

After his release, Fogerty told The Guardian he was seeking legal advice. Fogarty is due to appear in court in February. 

Social media users made fun of the police handling of the incident, while some expressed their support for Fogerty.

Source: SBS