Queensland Premier Palaszczuk calls snap election


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has formally announced Queenslanders will go to the polls early on November 25.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has called a snap state election for Saturday, November 25.

Earlier on Sunday morning, she asked the acting governor, Chief Justice Catherine Holmes, to issue the writs for the election for the last Saturday of November.

She confirmed the November date in an email to Labor members in her electorate of Inala, before addressing a function at a Darra bowls club where she was interrupted by an anti-Adani protester.

She's already revealed Labor's slogan -"Putting Queenslanders First" - in a tweet.

In her opening salvo of the 28-day election campaign, three months before the third anniversary of her victory over the LNP in 2015, she promised to continue achieving for the state.

"In less than 1000 days, my government has made a strong start repairing the damage done by Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls," the statement reads.

"Queensland is now a state of progress not provocation, a state of cooperation not confrontation, and a state united, not divided."

She told Channel Nine she decided to go now because "Queenslanders need certainty" and she wanted to ensure the success of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April.

Palaszczuk remains tight-lipped about election date
Palaszczuk remains tight-lipped about election date

She said the campaign would be tough.

"We're up against an LNP/One Nation coalition," she said.

She said in a statement her government had delivered on 91.3 per cent of the 553 commitments it made in 2015, and said her government had help create 122,500 jobs.

"Queensland's best days are ahead of us. There is much more we can do together," she says in the statement.

A November 25 poll is seen as the likely date for the pending election after Ms Palaszczuk on Saturday swept aside her minority Labor government's latest drama to go on election footing.

Ms Palaszczuk appeared to clear the decks for a 2017 election late on Friday by dumping Rick Williams after the latest complaint against the scandal-prone Pumicestone MP.

While there has been little between Labor and the Liberal National Party in recent polls, Ms Palaszczuk has a far higher approval rating over Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls and will start as favourite.

LNP shadow treasurer Scott Emerson admitted it would be a tough battle for his party, particularly because they aren't just opposing the government.

"Clearly we are underdogs because the reality here is we're fighting Labor, we're fighting the Greens, we're fighting unions and we're fighting GetUp!," he said.

But key figures are prepared for the premier to meet the acting governor before taking to the regions in the first week of an expected 28-day campaign.

Ms Palaszczuk has told the Sunday Mail she'll be enlisting her father Henry, a former Beattie government minister, to help her campaign in the regions.

"When we have the election, Henry will be an asset for us. I know the LNP had been planning to use Barnaby Joyce as their secret weapon. I'm going to ask Dad to be ours."

But the LNP has lost Mr Joyce who is now focused on campaigning for the by-election in his northern NSW seat of New England on December 2.

Both the government and LNP go into the election on 41 seats and need to win a total of 47 to govern in their own right.

Compulsory preferential voting has also been reintroduced at this election, putting more importance on preference deals between parties.

Ms Palaszczuk has already kept one promise on Sunday - a visit to her nanna.

"As promised on Friday, I've dropped in to visit my Nanna - she's very important to me! Happy Grandparent's Day to all QLD grandparents," she tweeted.

Source: AAP - SBS

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