Racist train rant: Race Discrimination Commissioner condemns as woman apologises

The woman calls the police after reportedly yelling at children for not giving up their seats. (Screenshot: Youtube)

Australia's Race Discrimination Commissioner has condemned the racist abuse of a passenger on a Sydney train as the woman responsible for the tirade has apologised to the victim.

Dr Tim Soutphommasane, the Race Discrimination Commission with the Australian Human Rights Commission, has posted on his Twitter account a link to a statement in which he implores the public to "hold people accountable for racist abuse."

The tirade was filmed by another train passenger and the video posted on YouTube. 

The clip shows a woman on a train reportedly harassing children and making racist remarks at an Asian woman.

The woman was travelling on the Central Coast and Newcastle line in New South Wales when she reportedly started yelling at children for not giving up their seats on a busy carriage during school holidays.

"There is no excuse for acts of racial insult, humiliation and intimidation ... It is important that we hold people accountable for racist abuse and vilification. When confronted with such conduct, everyone should consider a response, including reporting it to a relevant authority."

In previous tweets Dr Soutphommasane wrote: 


The woman identified as 55-year-old Sue Wilkins said she was stressed out from finding work when she launched into the racist tirade.

"I had a rotten day, I've been chasing work for quite some time now," she told ninemsn.

"It's awful what I said to that woman, I do agree," Ms Wilkins said.

"There's no excuse to rant at people like that.

"It's awful and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, regardless of any race."

Youtube user Kareem Abdul uploaded the video footage, writing:

"I started filming as the woman became aggressive toward some children (ages 12 & under) who refused to vacate their seats when she had demanded."

Although the video doesn’t record the woman yelling at the children, the passengers on the carriage were visibly uncomfortable and agitated as the woman proceeded to call the police.

When a man got up to offer her his seat, she refused the offer and told him to "shut your mouth."

The woman then verbally attacked the person filming the incident, before making racist jokes at an Asian passenger.

"Isn’t that sad he can’t get a regular girl, he’s gotta get an Asian. That's 'cause he can't get anyone else."

Please note this video may offend some viewers:

The video has attracted more than 8,500 views with users gobsmacked by the woman’s behaviour.

"She just lost the game of life. Damn it, this is bad human behaviour," wrote @Guywithcrazyideas.

Another user @Max M. asked: "Why are Australians so racist, you people want to kick immigrants out of your country and treat immigrants as inferiors, you need to work on that Australia..."

Some were quick to apologise on the woman’s behalf.

"This woman does not represent the views of MOST Australians. Speaking personally I welcome anyone and everyone who wants to come to our country, unfortunately like anywhere in the world there are ignorant shameful animals like this woman," user @Madame Lulu wrote.

"Sorry for anyone offended, she is an entire nations shame."

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