Rape allegations show Nauru too dangerous: refugee advocates

Rape allegations show Nauru too dangerous: refugee advocates

There are renewed reports of violence and sexual assault on Nauru with a Somali refugee alleging she was raped by two men on the island last month.

The woman's allegations were aired in Australia last night - by lunchtime today there were reports she had received death threats for going public.


A 26 year-old Somali refugee recorded her own harrowing cries for help after the alleged assault and provided them to the ABC.


"I listen your shout .. please this man is come back - can you hear the siren now?"


Refugee advocate Pamela Curr from Melbourne's Asylum Seeker Resource Centre says she's in touch with other rape victims on Nauru.


"What we saw last night is just the tip of the iceberg - I've been speaking to these women for months and the sexual violence against them is horrific."


Ms Curr transcribes chilling conversations with petrified victims on Nauru, often in broken English.


"Throw bottles into camp - shout we want refugee ladies to come so we can f**k them. Why you wear scarf? Why you hide? Show us your body."


Ms Curr has been told some victims were threatened for going public with the allegations of rape.


She says many need urgent medical attention.


"The girls who have become pregnant through rape are requesting terminations - the government is stalling. This is very dangerous. These girls are desperate. They do not want to have babies through rape."


Approximately 400 refugees have been released from the detention centre and live in the Nauruan community.


Lawyer Daniel Webb says over the past 18 months the rule of law on Nauru has all but collapsed and democracy is in disarray.


"Removed the entire judiciary .. effectively banished foreign journalists from the country .. restricted access to internet such as facebook .. suspended oppostion MPs from parliament."


Australia's Immigration Department has released a statement.


It says in relation to an allegation of sexual assault, appropriate medical treatment, supported accommodation and mental health support is provided pending further investigation.


Daniel Webb insists the government must act immediately.


"It's crystal clear the only responsible thing to do is to stop sending women and children into a place that is so clearly dangerous and a place that can't protect them."


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