Rare daylight meteor dazzles Vic

A rare daylight meteor has streaked across Victoria's skyline, with experts saying it was likely a piece of space rock.

Victorians have been dazzled by a rare daylight meteor streaking across the sky.

The flaming ball of light, which experts believe was the size of a walnut or tennis ball, was spotted across the state about 10.30am.

Astronomical Society of Victoria spokesman Perry Vlahos says those who saw it will never witness anything like it again.

"Normally we don't see anything during daylight hours because it's not bright enough to compete with the sunlight," he told AAP.

The meteor, leaving a white trail in its wake, was visible for a few seconds before burning up in the atmosphere.

Mr Vlahos thinks it was likely a space rock which had been orbiting around the sun for countless millions, if not billions of years.

"Or something that resulted after a collision in space between a couple of asteroids, that has crossed the orbit of earth," he said.

"Space is so enormous it takes a long time for that occur."

One witness, who said his name was Craig, was driving through Mooroolbark in suburban Melbourne when he saw the spectacle.

"This was quite large, and it was flaming," he told Fairfax radio.

"I swore - I said, what the hell was that."

Source: AAP

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