Record $24M medical research investment

Greg Hunt
Minister for Health Greg Hunt has announced $24 million to help fight cardiovascular disease. (AAP)

A $24 million research grant has been awarded to the George Institute for Global Health to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Preventing death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) has received a major boost, with the Australian government announcing a landmark $24 million research grant to the George Institute for Global Health.

Funded through the National Health and Medical Research Council, it is the third largest grant ever provided for medical research in Australia and the largest program grant.

"Today is a day about saving lives and protecting lives," Minister for Health Greg Hunt said at Monday's announcement in Sydney.

The investment will fund a research program aimed at preventing and treating cardiometabolic diseases (CVD, kidney disease, stroke), which are responsible for more than a third of all deaths in Australia.

A specific focus of the research program at the George Institute will be on improving the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in women, as well as preventing stroke and clinical drug trials to lower blood pressure.

It will also trial a new digital and interactive tool for GPs and their patients (HealthTracker) - to be rolled out in 70 clinics across Australia.

Professor Bruce Neal, Deputy Director of The George Institute, Australia and lead project investigator says the funding will allow them to search for solutions throughout a patient's life and entire "healthcare journey".

''Prevention is a big part of our work. We want to make sure people are treated better in our hospitals but also to figure out how to keep them out of there in the first place," said Prof Neal.