Ricciardo reflects on influence of Italian heritage

Ricciardo reflects on influence of Italian heritage

SBS World News Radio: Daniel Ricciardo, who is hoping to become the first Australian to win a world motor racing title in over 30 years, reflects on how his Italian heritage has helped shape his career.

Daniel Ricciardo is considered a future Formula One motor racing world champion.

In his fourth season with Red Bull Racing, the 27 year-old is looking to become the first Australian to win a world title since Alan Jones in 1980.

Ricciardo thanks his Italian heritage for helping him stay level.

"The family values and always eating dinner together you know at the table and it's not like one's there watching TV and another's you know in the study we all made a point to have family time. We love our food, I mean the whole world loves their food, its not just Italians but you know the big Sunday lunches - it was a big part of us getting together with other cousins uncles and aunties.

Ricciardo, wo was born in Perth, moved to Italy as a teenager to chase his Formula One dream.

He continues to keep in touch with the country of his father's birth and makes an effort to speak the language.

"I picked up the language then or at least some of it I'll still try and do with the Italian broadcasters over the past race weekends I try and do all my interviews in Italian with them so obviously for them to obviously show that I'm making an effort but also for me to try and just not forget the language. Its nice to have a second language. It also helps with my surname people kind of expect me to speak Italian so it does help when I can put a few sentences together.

Ricciardo's contract with Red Bull expires at the end of next year.

He hasn't ruled out driving for Italian team Ferrari in the future.

If I can be in a position that I've won championships already and then I can pick and choose where I want to win the next one then maybe that would be pretty exciting."

For now he's focused on making history on the race track in Melbourne.


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