Rogue wallaby hops onto Sydney Harbour Bridge


A wayward wallaby has been spotted on Sydney's Harbour Bridge at 5am on Tuesday with police called in to catch it and take it to the zoo.

Motorists got a surprise on the Sydney Harbour Bridge after a wayward wallaby was spotted hopping through traffic just before peak hour.

The wallaby jumped through cars from lane eight to lane one, onto the Cahill Expressway and then to Macquarie Street on Tuesday at 5am.

Officers were able to capture the startled animal, and the Taronga Zoo vet will check over the marsupial later in the day.

Police officers were able to capture the startled wallaby
Police officers were able to capture the startled wallaby (NSW Police)
NSW Police

"It's believed the wallaby may have come from Cammeray Golf Course (in the city's north), but unfortunately he's not talking to us," NSW police spokeswoman told AAP.

The animal is in good health, she said.

"It was just standing there minding its own business, there was a police car with flashing lights," driver Ray told 2GB.

"I'm from the bush, I'm used to seeing them running all over the place, but I've never seen one so close in the city before."

 Police took the wallaby into custody at the Conservatorium.

Source AAP - SBS

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