Same-sex marriage: 'No' skywriting message appears above Melbourne


The word 'NO' has appeared written in the sky above Melbourne, with a grassroots campaign against same-sex marriage claiming responsibility.

A giant 'NO' has been written in the sky above Melbourne, with a grassroots anti same-sex marriage campaign claiming responsibility for the sign.

The skywriting appeared above the CBD about 12.30pm on Tuesday and could be seen as far away as Carlton and St Kilda.

It was rewritten a number of times, with a tick being drawn in the middle of the "O" on one of the attempts.

A group opposing same-sex marriage says they crowdfunded the skywriting, as they did in September when they paid for "Vote No" to be written above Sydney.

The GoFundMe campaign 'VOTE NO SameSexMarriage Skywriting' has raised $5740, with the author of the page declaring "proponents of homosexual marriage... will not silence us."

"Today... traditional marriage supporters everywhere sent another clear message regarding homosexual marriage and our refusal to have this ideology thrust upon us," the page reads.

The Coalition for Marriage, which is running ads urging a 'No' vote, distanced themselves from the skywriting, saying they did not organise or fund it.

Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale slammed the message on social media.

"This is not what Melbourne is about. We will #ChooeseLove and #VoteYes. Love is love," Senator Di Natale tweeted, along with an image of the skywriting.

Source AAP - SBS

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