SBS to broadcast World Cup in 3D


SBS has teamed up with Sony and Harvey Norman to bring Australian fans the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa live in 3D.

This historic partnership will mean matches throughout the World Cup tournament will be available on a dedicated 3D channel in addition to SBS's coverage on SBS ONE, SBS TWO, The World Game and SBS Radio.

“This is exciting news and the result of an incredible amount of hard work by people within SBS, our transmission partner Broadcast Australia and satellite provider Optus,” SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown said.

“SBS is proud to be working with our FIFA World Cup 2010 partner Sony and our valued and long-standing client Harvey Norman to make this happen for Australian football fans.”

FIFA will provide a 3D broadcast feed of matches throughout the tournament. 3D matches can then be broadcast live in 3D by SBS and repeated on a loop until the next 3D match is made available, giving fans multiple opportunities to experience the match in 3D.

“SBS and our partners have moved heaven and earth to make this happen,” SBS's Chief Operating Officer Richard Finlayson said.

“The Australian Communications and Media Authority has been working with us on a spectrum solution and we will be using our digital transmission network for the broadcast."

Source: SBS