Scott Morrison considers making National Cabinet permanent

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated he is open to the idea of the National Cabinet continuing to meet after the coronavirus crisis.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Source: AAP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated the National Cabinet formed during the coronavirus pandemic could live on after the crisis.

The National Cabinet, made up of the prime minister, premiers and chief ministers, has met regularly during the crisis to provide a joint approach to tackling the impact of COVID-19.

Mr Morrison said the federation has been "more responsive and more co-ordinated than we've seen in many years".

"The National Cabinet has been an effective way for all governments to work together, share information and make decisions in a timely and consistent way during this crisis," Mr Morrison told The Australian newspaper.

"The processes we've established for the National Cabinet may prove to be a better way for our federal system to work in the future, but this will be a matter for another time."

"Right now all governments are focused on the job at hand to protect lives and livelihoods."

The cabinet is an extension of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), which meets only a few times a year.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack on Sunday hailed the cabinet as "a great process" that had cut through some bureaucracy.

WA Premier Mark McGowan said no other state leaders had objected when he brought up the idea of continuing the national cabinet.

"The national cabinet process has removed the political boundaries that can hamper COAG," he told the newspaper.

Published 14 April 2020 at 5:36am, updated 14 April 2020 at 8:15am