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Security for Netanyahu son's Australia stay reportedly costing $38,000 a month

Yair (L) and Avner Netanyahu, the sons of Israel'sprime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Source: AFP

The personal security detail for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son in Australia is costing Israeli taxpayers $A38,000 per month.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son Avner is travelling in Australia accompanied by security guards who are costing Israeli taxpayers $A38,000 a month, media reports say.

It is the first time children of an Israeli prime minister have been accompanied by security officers paid by the state.

The trip comes at a time when the Israeli leader is facing bribery and corruption allegations.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Visits The Western Wall on Election Day
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prays with his sons Yair and Avner at the Western Wall, Judaism holiest site.
Getty Images

Avner, the prime minister's youngest son, plans to travel in Australia and New Zealand for eight months.

Already six months into his trip, the cost and security details involved were revealed by Israeli media outlets this week.

The Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet, has arranged for Avner Netanyahu's security guards to be replaced every two weeks, making it more costly than using the same guards for the entire trip.

This decision was made to ensure the security personnel would not suffer from fatigue and remain alert, reports say.

The guards are either flown from Israel or provided by the Israeli embassy in Canberra.

All transportation costs, food, accommodation and insurance for the security guards are paid for by the state of Israel.

Adding in the guards' salaries equates to a rough figure of 100,000 Israeli shekels per month, equivalent to $A38,000.

Israeli news media have attempted to uncover the exact costs of the unprecedented security arrangement but have received no insight from the Shin Bet.

AAP has contacted Prime Minister Netanyahu's office for comment.

Sara Netanyahu, the prime minister's wife, will join her son in Australia in coming weeks for the final leg of his journey.

This will only increase the cost footed by Israeli taxpayers.

The revealing of costs for the security detail in Australia comes at a time when Israeli police are recommending Benjamin Netanyahu for indictment on three charges of bribery and corruption.

The more recent corruption charges against Netanyahu are based on the alleged bribing of a major newspaper and easing of regulations for a telecommunications firm in return for favourable coverage of himself and his wife.

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