Security top issue when PM meets Pence

Security issues are set to dominate talks between the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, left, and the US Vice President Mike Pence. Source: AAP

North Korea and regional security will be at the top of the agenda when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sits down with US Vice President Mike Pence.

Regional security and North Korea will be at the heart of discussions between Malcolm Turnbull and Mike Pence when the US vice president touches down in Sydney.

The prime minister said he appreciates the visit of Mr Pence so soon into the Trump administration, and singled out issues to be talked about such as trade and the need to destroy Islamic State.

"We'll be talking about a range of issues but obviously top of the agenda will be regional security. North Korea is going to be right at the top of the agenda," Mr Turnbull told the Seven Network on Friday.

Source AAP

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