Senator to investigate Sri Lankan asylum seekers


An Australian Greens Senator says she wants to investigate issues behind the influx of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka to Australia.

Senator Rhiannon is travelling to Sri Lanka with New Zealand and Malaysian MPs ahead of the meeting and will be reporting in Parliament on her return.

Senator Lee Rhinannon says she's planning to visit before next week's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, or CHOGM, in Colombo on November 15.

She told Kerri Worthington she'll be travelling to various parts of the country and engaging with many of the locals.

Listen: Full interview with Senator Rhiannon

She says news that Canada's prime minister has boycotted the event over human rights concerns, and that India's prime minister is considering doing the same, is disturbing.

Senator Lee Rhiannon says CHOGM is important for peace and development in the Asia Pacific region.

"That's why looking at the reasons that the Canadian prime minister made his decision can be very useful," Ms Rhiannon says.

"It suggests that there is the murmurings of re-analysis about the role of Sri Lanka, and it wold be interesting to see how that plays out."

Source: World News Australia