Shorten wants cash to air boxer's ad

Boxer Danny Green may get support from the government for his "one punch" anti-violence campaign ad. (AAP)

The opposition says the federal government could step up an anti-violence campaign by paying for a former boxing champion's ad to screen on television.

Boxer Danny Green should get a helping hand from the federal government for his "one punch" anti-violence campaign, the opposition is urging.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott asking for federal funding to air on television an advertisement Green made on his own initiative.

The 30-second film shows Green stopping a youth from punching another person from behind after he accidentally spills his beer on him in a bar.

"Take it from me, one punch can be lethal," the former world champion boxer says.

"One punch can end his life and ruin yours."

The ad has gained prominence on social media after of the death of 18-year-old Sydney man Daniel Christie, felled by a single punch on New Year's Eve.

Mr Shorten says Green is a positive role model for many young men and his message could have a big impact if shared widely.

"We have both made strong statements recently condemning this violence - and I believe that funding the airing of this advertisement is one way of putting our words into action," he wrote to Mr Abbott.

Source: AAP